Digital Artist

Position Summary

The generalist demonstrates extensive knowledge of 3D CGI  and candidates must have artistic and technical skills to work on all aspects of CG creation.


  • Work on multiple areas of CG creation both artistically and technically.
  • Communicate with production on a regular basis and provide  feedback as required
  • Work on IPs
  • Miscellaneous work as needed

Required Skills

  • Working knowledge of Maya
  • At least one highly expertized skill such as rigging, animation and such
  • Be comfortable with both the creative and technical aspects of CG work
  • Ability to find and solve problems proactively
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluent Japanese language

Preferred Skills

  • Programming or scripting skills (e.g. python, C++)
  • Traditional arts background
  • Knowledge of Blender, Houdini or Unreal Engine 4